Energy Solutions

When we say “SOLUTIONS,” we mean it!  Finally a solar company designed around Smart Energy, not just grid charging services.  So many solar systems have no autonomy or production when the grid goes down. However with GLOW, your system is always up and running thanks to our “smart solar solution.”

Smart Energy

What is Smart Energy? Simple!  It’s energy that is produced and consumed at the most efficient time.  Just like solar energy, grid energy has its time of day when it is not the most efficient to use.  Our solution addresses this through energy storage management tools unlike anything yet available on the marketplace.

Smart Solar

Smart Solar for your home means knowing when your system is producing and when it isn’t.  Our proactive technology notifies you when there may be issues such as dirt, snow, and other obstacles blocking the most efficient form of your energy production.  Don’t just ‘hope’ your solar panels are producing. KNOW through GLOW’s Smart Solar platform.

Smart Battery

Even though batteries are really neat, most of them are dumb and only are used when needed.  This is not only bad for your battery but doesn’t capture the most critical times of energy production.  When energy costs from the grid are high, that’s the perfect time of day to deploy your battery storage and then replenish at night when power is cheap.

Smart Home

Solar is great.  Batteries are awesome. But without communication with all your various connected home devices, it leaves your energy management somewhat isolated.  With GLOW, you get complete integration with all your smart home and connected devices whether Google, Amazon, or Apple; we connect to all of them!

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